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Are you part of procurement team of any agency or corporate America, looking for easy to adapt platform to manage supplier diversity program and data compliance software for tier 1 and tier 2 vendors across diverse?

Are your agency or company’s minority/women business department wants to reduce staff time devoted to manual process?
Are you tracking tier 1 and tier 2 MWBD and/or Disadvantaged business enterprise participation using an outdated compliance software?


Goal Setting / Availability Analysis
Vendor & Project Management
Contract Compliance
Diverse Spend Tracking & Analysis
Reporting & Outreach Management
Data cleansing & Data migration services

Generate Standard And Ad Hoc Reports Including The Following

1. Payment history reports for prime and sub-contractors


2. The District’s monthly, quarterly and annual utilization reports and others as required by MWBD Staff


3. Other payment information using various parameters including procurement categories, race-conscious/neutral, departments


4. Diverse spend for non-contract expenditures such as P-Card and purchase orders


How to Determine Objectives and Best Practice in Supplier Diversity?

Establishing a new supplier diversity program can appear overwhelming – How do you obtain established diverse businesses? How do you track performance? What system of measurement should you be tracking in the first instance? Take Into Consideration the following best practices when forming your innovative supplier diversity program.

Why Companies Should Invest In Supplier Diversity Program?

1. It Is Great for Business

Easy. Your consumer base should be diverse, whether you sell sanitizer or computer parts. When buyers perceive that your company fits their needs, they’ll help. Your name will gain from increased market presence, economic growth, and welfare.

2. It Shows Your Corporate Morals

As the population changes, businesses value diversity and inclusion. Most businesses know that getting and keeping good employees is important to their success. A supplier diversity programme that works shows potential employees and other stakeholders that your company values diversity and inclusion.

3. It Is Great for Innovation

Developing new products and services is business innovation. Business partners and vendors can build your mousetrap. Using many prisms can increase your business’s inventiveness. Diverse suppliers can produce efficiencies, cheaper prices, and company success.

4. You Increase Your Business Profile

Diverse suppliers needed. Investors, salespeople, controllers, consumers, media, and peers value growth. MEDWeek shows government helps small businesses. MEDWeek praises minorities. Attending events helps hire suppliers and discuss best practises. Gender, age, background, and religion boost firm reputation.

5. You Affiliate with the Company and Corporate Morals of Your Associates

This could represent business success or failure. A important client has a strong supplier diversity initiative. Otherwise? Your consumer values diversity and inclusion, but you lack a key account. Companies prefer partners with similar ideals. Your partner may look for others who are if you’re not. Like sponsors, they withdraw to protect their brands. Align businesses.

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